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Our Services

Pacific Showcase has been in the business for over 20 years! Over those years we have been able to meet the needs of our clients by developing and offering the following services: 

  • CAD Design

  • Mock Up/ Prototype

  • Designer Finish Mock Up & Staging

  • Field Layout Services

  • Field Receiving Services

  • Shipping Services

Thank you for considering Pacific Showcase for your next job! We look forward to working with you!

Project Verification & Drafting Services

Our commercial millwork division covers projects across the west coast including  Nevada, Arizona, So-Cal, Nor-Cal, Idaho, Washington, Colorado.  Before any project can start fabrication we verify field dimensions and submit shop drawings for review and approval. 

Every project will include a set of shop drawings that will be submitted for review and approval prior to fabrication. Shop drawings are an important step in the fabrication process because it allows the clients, designers and architects a chance to review, in detail, what is being proposed as a finish product. The shop drawing review process helps eliminate any miscommunication or misunderstandings regarding sizes, finishes, or specific details that are expect by the client. 


Mock Up/ Prototype

     Large projects with high volume production numbers will always require a test run or mock-up for the client to review. A physical sample is typically the best way to see any issues prior to releasing the full production order. 

     This is just one way Pacific Showcase works to ensure only top quality products leave our shop. This is also a great way for the client to see what the final product will look like and address any concerns they may have. 

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Field Layout 

Millwork and finishes are typically the last items that install on a job site.  However, there is a lot of coordination that needs to be considered at the beginning of a project.  We prefer to assist the superintendent with checking layout and placement of plumbing and electrical stub ups prior to pour back and drywall to help avoid problems down stream.

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To mitigate any problems in the later stages of installation, someone from Pacific Showcase may come out to the jobsite prior to pour back and drywall. This will help us ensure that our work will line up with with existing plumbing, electrical, ect. 

River rock install


By double checking everything will line up with existing factors, such as plumbing, we can assure that final installation will go smoothly. This also gives clients another opportunity to voice any concerns or questions they may have. 


Once you have approved drawings your project will be moved into production. Each item is measured and cut to your exact specifications and drawings. Our shop has the capability to produce any size job with the promise of the best quality. 

Field Receiving Services 

We have worked with businesses and casinos across the country. Which means we have also shipped our products across the country.  If needed, the clients can pay to have an installer from Pacific Showcase meet the semi truck to oversee the receiving and unloading process.  This service includes basic room layout, directing the load in process, reviewing the project with the onsite installers. 

Having someone from Pacific Showcase there to meet the semi truck does ensure that the installation will go smoothly, but is not required for us to ship.   

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Your millwork will arrive onsite exactly as specified in the approved shop drawings.  Prior to shipping our team will pre-stage, label and check the dimension.  Our Shipping department is second to none.  Our cabinets are hand wrapped and hand loaded into semi trucks to insure a safe travel.